Get the Mojo Back – Shuffle Large Sets of Tracks

big_stone.jpgPhew. This was intense. I was drowning in a bigger software project, but finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So sorry for the long delay concerning new postings.

I will actually write a short series of ‘getting the mojo back.’ I think this scenario happens to a lot of artists, from time to time. For me it was a combination of working long days and weekends and not having enough energy to work on something completely different in the evenings, as well as another thing I will mention in a later posting.

Anyway, how to get the mojo back if you feel your creativity has stagnated, or you just feel you are on the wrong track and nothing happens?

One way I solved this was to once again rip in all my tracks from every CD I had, but this time I was selective and only ripped in material that I felt was special and different. So most of the mix CDs were excluded. While adding in classical music, old rock music, soul, reggae and so on was something I wanted to do.

Then via iTunes I just dumped it all into an iPod and set the iPod in shuffle mode. Yes, it sounds like Kent of all the people finally got the idea behind iTunes/iPods, but for me it was the concept of hearing Schumann one minute, Bjork the next, then Rush followed by XTC and a little bit Fixx and Simple Minds, and then Swayzak. Those kinds of odd combinations made me appreciate all kinds of musical ideas, and get new ideas how to progress with new productions.

More mojo stuff in the next posting!

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