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Get the Mojo Back – Play Real Instruments

Posted on | January 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

car_lights.pngThis is part two of how to get the mojo back, creativity, inspiration, you know that feeling where you really are in the flow and want to make music.

For me it was to get a bass guitar and a bass amp? Why? Well, I got recently to a point when doing digital dance music where I realized that most of my time I spend with polishing and fixing audio material on a screen, mostly using my own loop snippets. Even worse, taking out nuances such as sloppy playing and so on. It makes the music exact, but there’s no breathing in it.

In addition, mostly with keyboards you really don’t get that much variation across a song played, especially if you use copy-paste to line out song structures.

With a bass guitar, I could have small timing parts that I deliberately create in order to get to the groove pocket. I could use my fingers with all kinds of variations to change the sound. I could put in different strings, experiment with my amp simulator in my Line 6 LD150, and so on… I kind of missed that part.

In addition, it’s fun playing with other musicians, of all kinds. Sitting by myself in a studio became somewhat an isolated experience. The sum of it all is sometimes much more interesting than the single-person total control of a production.

There’s nothing wrong to expand and learn playing guitars and so on. I’m an ex guitar-player, even ex bass session player (used to do hundreds of gigs back in college days), but it’s been 25+ years since I last seriously played bass. Anyway, getting back to bass playing has  been fun, indeed.


One Response to “Get the Mojo Back – Play Real Instruments”

  1. Oliver Chesler
    January 28th, 2008 @ 8:59 AM

    Yeah Kent I totally agree it’s good to grab a real instrument from time to time. Too much screen and mouse is killing all of us. I’m going to pick up a Nintendo DS and Jam Sessions next week… oh crap… that has 2 screens! My plan is foiled!!!

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