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Future Predictions about Music I

Posted on | September 30, 2006 | No Comments

dragon.jpgOk, I could not avoid making predictions, here’s the first one. I know it’s dangerous and prone to silly statements — but then one way to predict the future is to create it, or at least influence it.

We are soon at a point where 90% or more of the music created is based on anyone using tools such as GarageBand, FruityLoops, Acid, and similar easy-to-use applications. As such, it’s getting harder and harder to really find interesting music, as this pro-sumer based music typically is copying existing genres and styles, rather than taking off to new directions.

Meanwhile, big record companies are focusing more on very few artists and bands that they cultivate and re-launch in various configurations, as movie stars, TV-personas, game show hosts, and yes, sometimes also as artists playing on stage. This is what they know how to do, and they want the most out from their investments.

Which leads to a small grey area of interesting artists and bands that unfortunately neither have money, interest, or talent, to spend time doing PR, and rather spend their few working hours producing money and performing. No, having a myspace account is not enough.

DJs, radio personalities and other music influencers will have an opportunity to find such talent and present their material in various forms, at DJ shows, podcasts, radio presentations (in the few cases there are decent radio shows outside the FM radio world, maybe with satellite radio). We need more music lowers such as John Peel (was), John Digweed, and similar music-centric talent finders. Actually, as music consumers we should demand this to happen — or vote with our money and listening statistics.


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