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Fun Watching Blog Requests

Posted on | June 19, 2007 | No Comments

greenish_globe.jpeg I installed last night a WordPress plugin called Live that in real-time lists requests to the blog, where they came from, search strings, referring sites and so on.

It was fascinating watching this in realtime. To show one odd example: someone was querying for “Biggest hits on Something/Anything”, the Todd Rundgren LP this blog was actually named after, and got here.

Also, I posted an entry about Reason 4.0 when I saw it was released, and immediately due to the magic of Google and my fast sitemap generation, many queries about Reason 4.0 ended up here.

Of some interesting reason, the studio image is something that ends up being queried via image searches, the image file name is studio_2.0.jpg, wonder if that has to do with those queries?

I’m happy to see a lot of RSS feed hits, so people use RSS feed services (if you don’t know, click on the info on the right side for bloglines and similar tools to read blog entries without the need to always poll this site).

I didn’t see much traffic with commenting, hmm, need to make sure more readers comment, that’s half of the fun with blogs. To start with I need to change the template so the comments are on the same level as the postings. So, who knows what that globe is in the picture, where is it located?

To summarize, I think I now know of all kinds of less ethical ways to drive traffic by using keywords and titles people search for. However, I don’t like that kind of marketing, myself.


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