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Flowery Use of Words when Describing Music

Posted on | September 3, 2008 | 1 Comment

FlowersAs they say, talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Still, it does not stop someone from trying to do the impossible and describe music with as many adverbs as possible. Here’s a good example. Just for fun I downloaded the material and yes it was just more of the same ambient material that is out there. Or, one could say, the press release didn’t really describe what the music sounded like.

I still think the absolutely best way to describe music is to provide a sample of the track on the web site. This is how iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and similar commercial systems operate. Netlabels should do the same and just give up on the massive effort to use words that just are plain words, nothing else.

If someone really wants to write about the music, it’s fine, but let the artist or producer describe why she or he worked on the music, what was the intent, the inspiration, the message with the music and so on. That’s quite fine, and also very inspiring compared with going through page after page of meaningless word usage.


One Response to “Flowery Use of Words when Describing Music”

  1. Mr. Tunes
    September 3rd, 2008 @ 9:46 PM

    yeah i just think that’s a good example of bad copywriting for a release. it’s ok to be descriptive, but they just went well beyond what was necessary.

    some of the mp3 stores offer no information on the release, even if it’s just a single meant for the clubs, but on other stores the exact same release has all the pertinent info about the tracks and who was involved in recording it. i think that adds a lot to help sell it.

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