Fixing Endings in Ableton Live

end_empty_loop.pngSomething that is not just a problem with Ableton Live is the end of a song in a DAW environment. What happens, if the last tracks have effects such as reverb and delay, there’s a sudden clip of the final parts of the reverb or delay when rendering the exact amount of track info.

What I usually do is to place a small dummy clip at the very end, with a zero volume setting. Now, when I select all the tracks, this end part will define how much of the tracks will be rendered. And now when rendering I get the final parts of the tracks rendered out thanks to this buffer clip that does nothing, but actually does something.

Now, you could do something similar by selecting a little bit more than needed, but I’m lazy and I like Command-A to just select everything as I define, instead of spending time scrolling back and forth and finding the right buffer at the end.

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