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Finding Inspiring Music for my Psychedelic Pop/Rock Project

Posted on | September 6, 2008 | No Comments

oranges_and_lemons.jpegI was also hunting around recently for interesting music to studying for the forthcoming psychedelic rock/pop project. Yes, I know, I should finish the Celestial Cookies mix and release it, as well as release the 30+ minute Celestial Cookies podcast with even more music, I’m dragging my feet as usually.

Anyway, one CD on my shopping list was XTC’s Oranges and Lemons. It is indeed very psychedelic, but also very jazzy, to my surprise. I still think Dave Gregory is one of the most underrated guitar players, he’s versatile, clever, intelligent, good and overall fun listening to him playing.

Another artist I started recently listening to is one of those great artists few people know of, unfortunately there are so many of them. This is Mike Keneally. He’s a hyper-musician, played with Frank Zappa, Steve Vai and many others. If nothing else, his web site is fun reading. Anyway, if you think clever rock music died with Zappa, check him out.

That and Todd Rundgren’s Todd album, and then I’m all set to start working.


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