Find the 1:1:1 Point when Warping

find_the_1_1_1_point.pngSometimes when your warp tracks in Ableton Live, you encounter this track that has no real definite starting point, let’s say an Ulrich Schnauss track that is just a slow buildup of material, or a long intro with no real percussion.

What I do in all those cases is just to scrub forward until I find a proper place where the first kick or some kind of percussion is heard, or a bass line starts. Then I set this as the 1:1:1 starting point, and check the warping from this point forward.

When I’m sure the warp points work all the way to the end, I go back to the 1:1:1 point, and with a four or eight bar loop go again backwards in the track to a point where I feel it’s the start point, and now again reset the 1:1:1 warp point to this location.

This technique has saved me lots of time when warping really hard tracks.

What I also do is to save a four or eight bar loop as part of saving the warp information, so if I load the file, I could immediately play this thing over and over again, without worries, and then lift up the loop point and continue when I want. So it’s a quick insurance to have something playing the first time the track is loaded without getting into big trouble.

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