Electopia – Google pages

electro_head.jpgHey, I forgot I had a free google pages account, so I updated and fixed that one tonight. It’s always good to cross-link web pages.

The address is sandvik.googlepages.com. I have 100Mb of disk storage, and unlimited bandwidth, so I’m thinking about uploading loops and other things other musicians would like to download.

As a matter of fact, tonight I also reinstalled Logic 7.2.2 and other SW synths on a new G5 system, so I did a quick test, and saved the results as a loop. It’s up there: Electopia. Feel free to do anything you want with it, and if you produce something, it would be fun to hear the results.

Anyway, if you have a chance, I would recommend getting a google pages account. Only issue — for me — is that the actual page editor only works with Firefox (and IE), not Safari.

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