Ecological Music Production

eco_programming.jpgI felt really stupid today when I had to take the car to work (I always bike if possible). And in addition, I had to do one of those few ‘drive around checking two new mixes’ trip with the car tonight. At least it’s a small car.

Anyway, we stopped subscribing to the daily newspaper, and otherwise we have tried to be minimal with trash. I’m trying to minimize the need for burning CDs, iPods and memory sticks with material work just fine.

This is also the reason I don’t mind about the digital download future we are heading towards. It’s fun collecting vinyl and CDs, until you have to move, or otherwise get lost in tons of stuff in the book shelves. And one day all that will end up in nature, whether we want or not, unless some future generation has invented a perfect trash destroyer.

There’s the problem of hardware, I have a bunch of old hard drives, waiting for a time and place for the next time some organization of company offers to pick them up for recycling. Can’t do much about electricity use in the studio, but each new generation of computers use less power. Otherwise, it’s best to let the nature heal, and not misuse it so it will be around.

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