EBow Symphony Sounds

stng.jpgLet’s show some more demos of fun stuff I’m doing in my studio just now. Another idea I had was to test out EBow use with guitars.

Here’s a quick dump of a song I started tonight, it’s only 30 minutes of work but you get the idea from the sample:

Transporter Bluez

The EBow was played on my oldest Ibanez guitar, via a Line6 PodXT. Then I added both a pitch shifter in Logic with a 12 semitone increase, as well as added a Delay Designer with a fun preset.

In addition I fed the signal with some other instruments to a bus with Space Designer and a large hall Inpulse Response setting.

This is of course work in progress, but it’s kind of cool to hear the idea I had in my mind a day before, i.e. use an EBow to make an symphony-like drone sound filling up the spectrum.

This is by the way one direction I’m going towards just now. No synths, just using guitars with very interesting processed sounds. I call it nu-psychedelic rock. No drugs used, just a clean mind that has fun. As for the transporter name, well I watched Star Trek NG tonight with my son…


  1. Like your sounds. Keep doin what you do!

  2. Thx, just need to release more of this non-techno/electronic stuff I’m working on… Another reason I work late a Saturday night again…

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