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Early 2011 Plans

Posted on | January 10, 2011 | No Comments

bridge This is what I’m working on just now and kind of the top level plan for 2011.

Just finished a Catapult of Noise EP called Amazonia, has material going back 4+ years with some kind of unified theme around South America. Never been there, by the way. But it’s similar to the concept of Ian McDonald’s Brazyl book.

I’ve worked with Sam Reyes with a seventies pop-single track that is now ready and maybe more similar early day seventies pop music to be done as well. Clavinets and pop organs rule!

Cat Puppet is a project to make “New Musik” kind of pop music with voices and simple synth arrangements plus acoustic guitars. The first single should be out very soon.

I have a ‘shoe-gazing’ guitar-layer album halfway done, that should be finished this year, too.

And then all kinds of odd things left and right that will be done on a whim from time to time. Also interested to start a side-band project with a very much “Cheap Trick” like attitude on stage. As well as produce anyone who has a song and interested to release it.

All together, more voices and pop-songs this year.


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