Drum Machines and Guitars

Piece of Berlin Wall In CaliforniaHere’s something I wanted to try out, one of those ‘I woke up in the morning with an idea.’ This is a combination of using drum machine patterns, bass and guitar lines. In other words, the drum section tries to stay as a drum machine system, the rest is human.

This is a forthcoming track called Water Picture: . It’s of course a rough down mix, no song track and so forth.

Now, to be fair I did some humanizing in Logic with the drum midi information, but I tried to stick to a kind of trip-hop or drum and bass drum pattern through the song itself.

The rest is bass and guitars through PodFarm. And using a background guitar drone with E-Bow that sits permanently at my desk nowadays. And some Adrian Belew-craziness guitar solos. Anyway, more to follow, need to sort out all the new music and push out out shortly.

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