Drive Synths with Drum MIDI

drum_midi_as_synth_stuff.pngHere’s another interesting experiment I did today when working on some new electro-funk tracks for future release. I wanted very tight and rhythmic, but unpredictable sequencer like runs.

What I ended up doing was do drag in various house music MIDI drum files into positions where I had all kinds of synths, and the result was exactly what I wanted. Saved my fingers, too, as I didn’t need to compose anything, just reuse existing MIDI files I have here.

It’s also very good for Game Boy like quick runs of simple waveform synths that beep left and right. Just drag in any drum MIDI files into your synth tracks, and see what happens.

With Logic’s MIDI window it was also easy to select all the MIDI notes, and drag them up and down until they somewhat fit the key the rest of the music was playing in.

Larry Wall of the Perl programming fame has coined a cool term for the Three Virtues of a Perl Programmer: Laziness (reuse existing code), Impatience (angry when the computer is lazy, anticipate things), and Hubris (write code that others can’t say bad things about). I think these three terms also apply to electronic music producers. In this case my goal was laziness, wanted to get a result fast, and use something existing.

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