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Dot Mac and Podcasting

Posted on | August 7, 2007 | 1 Comment

submarine.jpgMy wife and second kid arrived back from Finland yesterday, so I’ve been somewhat busy with my home life. Hence no big postings. Anyway, some quick notes about this and that about podcasting plans.

I had a definite plan about podcasts as of yesterday, and here comes the Apple .Mac announcements about 10Gb space and 200Gb of monthly data transfer, so my plans about hosting two forthcoming series of podcasts changed. 10Gb is a lot of space. I saw that a 27.30 minute episode of 192kpbs AAC is about 38Mb, so I could host over 260 episodes up on my .mac account of this size, if my calculations are right. Let’s say some meta data and variated sizes, and it’s about 240 episodes or so. That should cover a couple of years, and then I’m sure the size will be upgraded, again.

I could still announce the podcasts on any server, but the storage and actual podcast xml files would be stored over at the .Mac service? Why, because it’s so super-easy to update the podcasting info using GarageBand and iWeb. I’ve tried it out the last three days, and poking in text into XML files compared with doing nice editions in GarageBand and publishing it all via iWeb makes a big difference — at least for someone like me always running out of time.

Now, this requires a .Mac account ($99 year) and GarageBand, $79 unless you have iLife installed as part of a new Mac system purchase. There are third-party solutions to edit podcasts, for sure, but the GarageBand timeline to edit track info, or the simple drag-and-drop images as the main podcast image is so neat. Yes, I sound like an Apple salesperson…

Anyway, I have another Ableton Live Youtube video halfway done, hope to have it finished and published tomorrow, about the joys of clip envelopes. After that I really, really need to go back and do music, again…


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  1. Doug
    August 7th, 2007 @ 10:54 PM


    First of all, congrats to your wife and daughter arriving stateside. Glad to see that the podcasting hosting will be a reality, hope our conversations will pay off too (smile). Keep us posted. Looking forward to the video….and definitely when u do a few Logic ones (heh).


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