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Doing Tracks and Marketing Tracks

Posted on | February 22, 2007 | No Comments

darts_hitting_the_spot.jpgYes, I know, the best approach is just to compose and release what one feels is important. But sometimes the marketing mind kicks in and reasons that ‘hmm, this track is not exactly what the dancing audience is tuned in just now…’

This has happened to be recently, and also in the past. As for recently, I did a set of happy dance songs, and in this current climate of Berlin-electro-dry-serious techno funk, I just felt, my right side marketing brain, that it would be an uphill battle to try to sell this just now.

So what happens is just to put the tracks on hold, on the hard disk, and wait 12-16 months or so. The interesting aspect of this new post-modernist cultural world is that the cycles of reinventing the past are very quick, so one could just be patient and wait until the cycle of ‘happy music’ is here, then do a little bit post-processing, clean up the sounds, and release the music.

This leads to good strategies how to save projects so they are usable a couple of years in future — more about that tomorrow.


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