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Do It Differently

Posted on | May 15, 2007 | No Comments

purple_orange_cat.jpegContinuing how to market oneself, and be different. The first obvious angle is to take something that has been done over and over again, but this time do it differently.

Let’s take a topic such as DJ mixes. We are drowning in mixes available online. If I go up on the proton radio forum, I’m drowning in listings and listings of new mixes available from many, many DJs. It’s extremely hard to be heard and seen in such a crowded field of available material. It also shows this new world order where most consumers are producers, and like to produce material, to other producers who also like to produce material.

So you want to do mixes and get others to listen to them? Ok — be different. Examples: make mixes that only have ancient tracks from the eighties with your own drum loop patterns everywhere. Scan for new material from net labels, spend a couple of weeks finding really interesting and totally unheard tracks, and release these. Make 2-minute cuts between every track. Make mixes where a large part of the instruments are real ones, sampled. Make theme-based mixes, such as sunset mixes, mixes about cars…

Make AAC-enhanced files with images embedded, and chapter sections, similar to the extended podcast format. Invent a new kind of dance movement and make mixes around that one. Make a mix where 80% of the material is actually from your own music. Use tools like Ableton Live to the extreme, back to back mixing of tracks is boring, anyone could do that.

And so on and so on. There are examples of similar mixes done by artists such as: Trentemoller, Steve Porter, James Holden, and so on.. There’s a reason these DJ/Mixer/Producers make mixes that people pay attention to.

No more Les Djinns mixes :-).


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