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DJ Toxic Feat. Ms. Anonymous, Remixed by I Like to Tweak Knobs

Posted on | October 14, 2007 | 2 Comments

purple_face.pngI’m afraid this will sound like a grumpy old man writing entries how things were better long time ago (it was not), anyway, had to release some steam, and if you think this is the opposite, feel free to quote.

For a longer time I’ve now listened to dance tracks where a producer is using a female singer, and then a remixer goes in and does more remixing.

What then happens is that the poor female singer is sampled with a tiny snippet, let’s say 1/16 bar, and that one is used as a stuttering effect across the whole remix. Most likely the original singer is very talented, and the lyrics might be very good, but there’s no chance to hear it.

Trust me, if you have a good singer, male or female, singing for your track, let her or him be heard with their true voice. By the way, why are there so few male singers on contemporary tracks, Underworld being one exception, and look how popular Underworld is?

Secondly. A lot of contemporary minimalist tracks indeed pave the way for new, interesting music, especially on the netlabel releases. However, I’ve heard enough tracks with that vinyl emulation/distortion mode, the one where it sounds like the track is slowly dissipating into tiny bits. We don’t need any more that kind of sound, it was originally just bad to hear it, so with today’s excellent music systems, please, I rather like to hear a really good production than something that is deliberately crippled just so it’s cool and sounds like the rest of similar vinyl distortion emulation stuff.

Hmm. What else? Oh, the use of arpeggiators. I’m falling to the trap myself over and over again. Arpeggiators are nice, but the stiff 1/16 scale up-down thingie, that’s been around since the 1970:ies, nothing new, nothing exciting. If arpeggiators are used, do something totally unexpected.

There’s maybe more, but I better stop. I like any kind of music that dares to be different. If someone emulates an existing artist or style, their chance of being recognized just diminishes, as the sound will not pop out from various mixes, radio shows, podcasts, shows and so on. Especially if the production is using a cliche effect, then it’s usually hard for me to get any more listening time.


2 Responses to “DJ Toxic Feat. Ms. Anonymous, Remixed by I Like to Tweak Knobs”

  1. Oliver Chesler
    October 15th, 2007 @ 7:43 AM

    Be careful when you rant because tomorrow your going probably going to hear the best song ever written and it will have a 16th note arp and a female voice through a filter all cut up!

    I think it really comes down to style, talent and work. Who’s got it and who doesn’t! Unfortunately for our ears most people don’t.

  2. Kent Sandvik
    October 15th, 2007 @ 7:19 PM

    Yes, I must say I would be surprised if a staccato female arp stuttering with vinyl distortion will surprise me, but music sometimes indeed surprises me.

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