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Disk Cleaning

Posted on | September 14, 2007 | No Comments

funky_bike.jpgAs part of getting my studio Mac in shape for the Logic Pro 8 installation, I’m just now going through and cleaning up a lot of disk space for the needed installations.

After a while of use, the disks, especially the boot disks, tend to collect stuff that’s no longer needed. And it’s important to have at least 10Gb or so available for virtual memory to work without having performance issues.

A really valuable tool for this is Omni’s Omnidisksweeper. There’s a free version, and a paid version. Basically what it does is to sweep through the disk and find all the biggest directories and sub-directories. Then I could go in and look what to delete. The paid version has a ‘delete’ button, but you could get by with just using the Finder and deleting the directories this way.

I found a lot of unnecessary material: usually you find these in the Library, Application Support and Application libraries, and also inside the user directories.

The other thing was to just remove all the Garageband Apple Loops and instruments, and the old Logic preferences. As part of the new install I will just install them again, and I don’t want to have duplicate versions floating around for many reasons.

I also noticed that I have two partitions on my main drive, which is good, as I could install Leopard later when it’s available, and keep Tiger around until I’m happy with the stability and the drivers. So if you have a brand new disk, make it at least a dual partition for this purpose.


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