Day One with Gearbox Gold

475827.jpgI got the Line 6 Gearbox Gold yesterday, so I installed the software and started to test out. After about 45 minutes of struggling with the installation. The included CD had a version that only worked with PowerPC Macs, so I had to go and download the latest GearBox version from the Line6 site. After that the additional Gold amp simulations et rest didn’t show up, so I had to do a refresh of the license registration. After that it was all good.

The Line 6 Monkey tool to keep track of registrations, upgrades and so forth is a good idea — but I somewhat suspect that some end users might be confused by all the computer-centric lingo in that specific application.

The UI is OK but not that fun — now I understood why PodFarm will be a really great UI. There’s something about a visual connection between the amps and effects and the configuration. Reading arbitrary names for amps and cab simulations is OK, but somewhat tedious if you don’t have a picture of for example how a Fender amp looks like. So I’m eagerly awaiting for the free upgrade to PodFarm next month.

Otherwise, this was exactly what I wanted, an endless amount of guitar amp simulations (bass, too) as well as lots and lots of guitar effects. It means I could indeed go ahead and do more productions with less synthesizer  tracks and more guitar sounds.

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  1. The Line 6 Tone Port UX2 is what I use with my Toshiba Laptop. I had a struggle with my installation as well. I enjoy it for the most part. Although I couldn’t use my installation disc that came with the product, I was able to find the drivers I needed fairly easy online. Pretty good product to satisfy my immediate needs. It delivers for the price.

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