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Dance Groves Done By Humans

Posted on | June 27, 2008 | No Comments

walking_man.pngSo yes, I’m really interested in classic dance music today, all the way to tracks I listened to as a kid on Radio Luxemburg, that radio station that covered covering most of Europe on the AM band until 1992 (1440 AM to be precise). I wonder who listens to AM radio today, you got these strange amplitude bumps now and then and the Hi-Fi quality was not there, but hey you heard a lot of interesting music. Especially in the 1972-78 range when I sometimes listened to the service until 6am in the morning and the station faded away, they played a lot of post disco dance music, Jackson 5, Ohio Players and so on.

Anyway, there’s something special about dance music performed by musicians, drummers, bass players, guitar players, keyboard players and so on. They have a nice groove that is tough to reproduce as a one-person loop producer.

As dance music today is more and more stereo-type due to the ease of producing it, old style musician-centric dance music is for me now very refreshing and interesting. It pops out from the mass of dance music out there. Plus there’s something human about it.

So this is the reason I’m mostly focused on putting together set lists using older, band-focused dance music. But, if there are contemporary tracks also done by musicians, that’s fine as well.


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