Daily Music Reels

colorful_fan.jpgIn the film branch, daily reels are the latest production material shot for the movie. The director, producers and others watch those for finding out what’s happening with the shooting and final product. This goes all the way up to final editing and cuts of the movie.

Maybe others are doing this already, but I started dumping the material I’m working on to a CD, a daily reel, and then I bring this one with me everywhere, to the car, to work, keeping it around and listening. This way I could check the material in different environments and speaker systems. It’s also a good way to really learn what’s happening in the track, and what’s there, missing, or too much.

If nothing else, if you don’t stand the track after a few days, most likely others won’t stand it either, so it’s better to purge it, redo it, re-produce it, or take the samples to a sound bank for future use. Or then let it be alone for a while, and suddenly you have later a better idea what to do with the track.

Now, I would use an iPod and save the world for more plastic, if it wasn’t for my car that does not have any decent iPod integration, sigh. Otherwise, then he weather gets getter and I could start biking to work again, I will use a secon-generation iPod shuffle which is perfect for copying over quick daily production material.

Another idea is to put in place multiple versions of the final master, and this way you could do A/B listening to see which one is better.

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