Creating Jazz Using Logic Pro’s Take Folder Feature

Logic Pro Take FoldersThis was one of those ideas inspired by too much listening to Mike Keneally and Frank Zappa recently. Anyway, just wanted to see how far a totally ad hoc improvisation session could go concerning free form fusion jazz/pop music.

What I did was to set a seven-bar loop and record MIDI tracks for drums and electronic piano using MIDI take folders. In other words, I just played and played and recorded multiple takes over the same loop session but did variations with the drumming and electronic piano playing.

Then I hooked in my bass and guitar an did the same with a bass track recording multiple takes on the same seven-bar loop, same with two different guitar tracks.

Next I copied this set over a time span of just over three minutes. After this I selected from each region a random take with all the instruments!

The outcome was not so bad, but what I would do next (and it’s late here) is to go in and find the right combinations per each section of the time and see how it all sounds together with some more careful selection of various takes. Anyway, instant jazz! Maybe it inspires someone else to do something similar and see what happens.


  1. Sounds like a good technique, I’m keen to try it. But also: you are SUCH a tease… where’s the mp3??

  2. Yes, I should release the stuff I’ve been working on late nights. This happened so late so I’m not even sure what it sounds, will revisit it this weekend and clean it up.

    I have a crazy plan to release 4+ hours of music using a netradio station in combination with podcasts and similar techniques, stay tuned.

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