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Cool Instructional Videos about Logic Use

Posted on | March 16, 2007 | No Comments

logicaudio.jpgSeems today has been a day of watching videos. Here’s a good set of videos about Logic use, from the Seattle Logic Pro User group, presented by John Silverman (toysun). It covers a lot of Ultrabeat, how to rearrange material, creating Apple loops, and much more. The presenter even showed how the mysterious HyperEdit makes sense — I got an ahaa experience concerning making 1/64 note drum roll sequences in drum MIDI edits.

It was also fun listening to another content fanatic about creating tons of material as audio loops. I do this myself, everything is saved as a pack rat, and reused from time to time. He said a good point, if too many options, such as keeping the project as pure MIDI and plugin data, too many choices… Also, if the plugins are outdated, the project might not work. With all these new time-stretching algorithms the quality of re-used 24-bit audio is quite OK.


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