Commercial Pressure

The nice thing with having a well-paid daytime job is that music-wise I have full control over what I want to achieve. If this would be my only way of earning money for my family, subtle and obvious commercial decisions would crawl into the creative process. Most likely it would lead to frustration and a sense of not being in control.

I really admire a director such as Woody Allen that is now in a position to produce and direct any kind of movie he envisions. Frank Zappa was in a similar position.

I actually feel sorry for any starving artists, especially newcomers, that know that they need to conform to a concurrent style or musical direction in order to generate income.

The drawback is that there’s less time for music creation, but this is a valid option. I rather go with integrity than compromise at this point of time.

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  1. True true! så sant som snoran!

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