Collaboration with other Song Writer Using Logic

logic_screen.pngHere’s another big benefit with Logic when doing collaborations with other song writers using the same package.

As Logic is so deep concerning the provided loops, plugins, sw synths, effects and so forth,  we are able to bounce the project back and forth while keeping everything intact.

This is a big plus. We could work on separate projects and then now and then sync the tracks together for a new collated version.

You could go very far with the built-in tools in Logic. Now there’s the option of freezing tracks in case you use synths and plug-ins the other part does not have, so that’s also doable.

Still, I’m always surprised how much you could get done with a default Logic Studio installation. It might even be good that the options are somewhat restricted so we could spend more time working on the song structure and melodies instead of tinkering with effects.

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