Classic Albums Series – Frank Zappa, Apostrophe / Over-Nite Sensation

zappa_overnight_classics.jpgI recorded the Classics Series, Frank Zappa Apostrophe/Over-nite Sensation program to my DVR as it was shown via the VH1 Classics cable channel a couple of nights ago.

Wow! I used to listen to Frank Zappa quite a lot during my high school days, but I suspect I didn’t really appreciate Apostrophe as much as now when I’m older.

If there was an artist that was so opposite of the classical ‘rock&rock’ archetype artist, this is it. Frank Zappa was really a composer that made use of rock music as his medium.

Watching and listening to programs such as this one makes me go back to the studio and really make use of arrangements, triads, non-standard tonality changes, scales. I miss all that stuff after a longer stint doing techno productions….

PS: If you ever have the stamina to watch this movie from beginning to end, Frank Zappa’s Baby Snakes movie is very, very interesting. Not to speak of the concert scenes, too..

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