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Cheap Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar Effects

Posted on | September 22, 2008 | No Comments

Guitar playing fingers pickups ampsThere’s really not a big need to purchase a huge pedal board for your guitar or bass guitar, unless you are of course inclined on mostly doing musical sculpturing with your instrument. Anyway, here’s a really cheap effect solution: use your fingers, guitar pickups and your amp.

Excluding the technical abilities to play scales and chords and so forth, you could achieve a lot by just the finger usage on both left and right hands. For example, Jeff Beck is to a large degree not using a plectrum, only using his right hand fingers, resulting in very amazing sounds just based on the fingering. Bass players using fingers or plectrums also could generate very different sounds on the same instrument itself. It’s all about exploration and learning new tricks.

Same with pickups, learning how they interact, single-coil versus humbuckers, turning them on off, different volume levels, it all adds to the final sound.

Using amplifiers, same thing, the balance between gain and main volume, even eq settings especially with tube amps, it all creates different colorizations.

It is usually good to at least have an attempt to master this before moving on to huge pedal boards, as you could then achieve very interesting effects with no need to drag with you tons of pedals, worry about dead batteries, even more cables on the stage and so forth. Actually, it’s good to have some kind of effect pedal strategy, so I will talk of mine next.


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