Cheap Casio Synth

casio_synth.jpgHey, what’s that cheap Casio synth doing in your studio? Well. I needed a quick way to find out the key of various songs I’m adding to my DJ playlist collection. I save the key as a file name and a clip value in Ableton Live as well. It means I could quickly find song keys, and compare it with the playing clips, and with complex warp mode I could easily change the pitch and get the keyed-in mixing that sound really good.

So I took this old cheap synth from my son’s room, and it’s a snap to hit the key and get the info.

Key mixing is good, but you need some music theory, or at least learn it the hard way, how to mix together different keys. With the complex mode and changing the key, you could put together all songs with the same key, but it would sound boring after a while. There’s tension added when you put together songs where the keys change. But with some little tweaking you could use any song connected to any other song.

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  1. Mixing in key is the way to do it!! More DJs need to figure this out!

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