twitter.pngI’ve had a Twitter account for a while and didn’t use it for much until last week when I had one day with not much else to do and started to explore the uses of Twitter.

The verdict is still out there about Twitter. There’s indeed a lot of less informative twitter posts out there, maybe a huge majority.

At the same time, the 140 max character limit is good, it puts pressure on getting to the point with each posting.

So I’m using it for classical micro-blogging about music and sometimes about related topics, or then not. I’m not using it for what I’m doing at certain times — that kind of information is seldom that interesting. Style: “working in studio..”, “now packing my gear for a gig”, “uploading music to myspace” and so forth.

But for small blog entries I think it’s excellent. Small blog entries work just fine with Twitter, especially references to other web pages.

The first thing good to install is a link to an URL shortering service, I use One nice thing is that the base url is very short! Why waste characters on the base url when you want shortened urls, anyway…  Read the instructions here how to get a small javascript- based link to you bookmarks so you could just click on the link and immediately get a shortened url.