Logic For Game Music Design

LogicMy son is big time into game design and he asked me to teach him how to make music for his games using Logic. So far it has been fun, the curriculum so far:

  • Scales, chords, cluster chords, improvisation with scales and chords
  • How to quickly set up a basic mastering environment
  • Compressor use for voices
  • Advanced voice processing with flex and other pitch tools
  • Vocoder use
  • Auto-tune for weird effects
  • Advanced Impulse Response settings for Space Designer
  • AppleLoops re-use models
  • Experimental use of Delay Designer

And today I think we will go through building a basic three-part song using the I,IV,V, VI chord system. Now, to be fair he’s been using Logic for a year or two so he does not need to go through the basics, just have him open up the eyes concerning more advanced audio processing in combination with composition work.