BioWaves 010

BioWaves 010This is a special ambient music episode.

Recently we saw for the first time the back side of Mercury. Similarly, electronic ambience artists work with musical palettes that explore and show us the first glimpses of new audio experiences. The artists and bands in this podcast explore such new avenues using modern musical tools.

BioWaves 010 Track Listing:

  1. Glander – He call it heavyweight [YukiYaki YKYK010]
  2. Paul Divjak – Far Away [Konkord KONKORD023]
  3. Nakao:: – Mind Sheep [Muertepop muerte009]
  4. GoGooo – Un Arbre [Eko EKO]
  5. Art Bleek – Sleeping Society [Part2 Records]
  6. Ian D Hawgood – The Fire’s Rush Across The Mountains¬† [Resting Bell rb018]
  7. Michael Dzjaparidze – Gone, But Not Forgotten [Resting Bell rb002]
  8. faune Рéther i [Pathmusick path0xFB]
  9. Sabi – Dried Flowers, Mirrored Worlds [Sutemos Sutemos019]
  10. das kraftfuttermischwerk – Fluss Ins Nichts [Thinner thn097]

Download by right-clicking (Mac users, control-click) on this link.