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Blogs as Web Site Services

Posted on | May 25, 2007 | No Comments

cinemascope_cat.jpegOk, here’s another good tool for building web sites, use open source blog software such as WordPress. Here’s an example of a site that refers to music, Shift Industries.

WordPress could also be used to set up a net label, actually something I will try to do tomorrow — just need to find a good name for it (more about that later).

Again, you need a little bit admin and configuration skills to set this up, mostly to configure database access. Otherwise it’s very easy to maintain and administer it, or, you could also get a free account over at, but you will not have a lot of upload space for images and music. Worst case you could always upload content on another system, but then make sure long-term that the links don’t break.

There are of course dedicated web site content management systems such as PostNuke, but I think it’s a little bit overkill for getting the data out. At my own sites I have custom made php scripts that I slowly tinker with. However for this forthcoming net label, I thought just to take it simple and just use wordpress to release material over time.


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