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BioWaves PodcastBioWaves is my new podcast dedicated to interesting music from net labels and unsigned artist material.

I will try to find exceptional music that should be heard by anyone interested in the future of electronic music. This will cover all kinds of styles, so be sometimes surprised by the selection.

Also, the extended podcast format has links to the original producer and net label web pages, so you could explore more of the material produced by the labels and producers.

Send feedback and comments to: biowaves at kentsandvik dot com.

How to subscribe

podcast_subscribe.pngClick on this icon for direct iTunes subscription (Mac/Windows). If you dont’ use iTunes, This is the RSS link — in other words, click on it, copy the URL and place it inside your podcast application as a feed.

More Info

Click here for getting all the web postings about the BioWaves podcasts, including track listings.

BioWaves is available for Syndication (net radio, other opportunities), please contact in case you are interested.

Legal Stuff

The netlabels release material under various licenses, and I’m always reading through and understanding the distribution rules. Also, concerning producer material, I will always ask for permission via email before such material published.


Right clock (Mac users, control-click) on the file links to download each episode. These are AAC compressed files, better sound quality than MP3 files, and most modern music players support this format. Use iTunes or the QuickTime player in case you want to see the images and links that are part of each release.

Netlabels and Producer List

Apologies if links are suddenly not working, if you have more info about broken links, let me know!


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