BioWaves 007

BioWaves 007BioWaves episode 7 showcasing netlabel and unreleased produced material available on Internet. Entering the universe of new minimalist productions, indie electronics, techno and tech house with drive, and rounding up, or actually chilling down, with slower interesting tracks.

We start with going through new minimalist material, showcasing how this genre could give rise to many different interpretations. As an interlude we examine two indie electro tracks. After this we enter the world of techno where glittering cities at night and customized Hondas with sub-woofers rule, ending up with a transformation to tech house and showing how techno and tech house today are very much integrated into each other. Finally we will end with more chilled music, showing how talented artists could create soundscapes with all the modern tools available today.

BioWaves 007 Track Listing:

  1. The Machinist – Proyecto Hombre [Neovinyl NV010]
  2. Box – Core [Experimedia exp042]
  3. Paul Kaiser – Colibrí (dr. paul remix) [Pozitron Records p+16]
  4. Nhar – Ask and More [Front front006]
  5. Kareem – Scholle [Pentagonic ptng018]
  6. Greenbeam & Leon – Empty City [Unfound Sound unfound33]
  7. Llufol – 3+3=33 [Italo Business itanet027]
  8. Pinocchio – Die Bombe [Konsum Productions kpmp3-008]
  9. Audioglider – Stargaze [FOEM Foem/Crema 006]
  10. Da Face – Train of Mushrooms [Zimmer zimmer033]
  11. Dachshund – Bowowow [Harry Klein Networks 001 Harry Klein]
  12. Dessben – Muro Portati [Offaudio offaudio044]
  13. Andy James – 33.3 [Tek-know tek0001]
  14. KHI Ltd – Complex #3 [Alquimia alquimia004]
  15. Hoffmann – Modulations [Miga miga22]
  16. Sans Soleil – I am hole [Thinner thn094]
  17. Glander – Hunspired [YukiYaki ykyk010]

Download by right-clicking (Mac users, control-click) on this link.

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