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BioWaves 006

Posted on | November 18, 2007 | No Comments

BioWaves Episode 6 Produced by Kent SandvikBioWaves episode six showcasing netlabel and unreleased produced material available on Internet is now available. This is a special edition celebrating the producer talent creating mystical and shamanic material using electronic tools, whether is is voice slicing, dub-centric pad drones, circuit bending or any other tools available for the modern producer.
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Jock Dynamite’s Mellow Tubs and Fakin Hipi’s Grafitti in Rovaniemi shows the possibilities with taking human voices and elastically change it to something very electronic, still human. Audioglider’s Crystalline continues with sporadic voice use, as well as provides a laid-back background with somewhat jam-session centric productions.

Motionfield’s The Document is taking us to another parallel level of existence with wobbly sounds use to achieve this. Denoize with My Sk-1 Circuit Bend again shows how even hardware hacking with circuits could generate a a pulsating, modern shamanistic experience.

John Cicada is attacking the world of game music by using the style to generate whole thematic albums. Audiokontrukte with Sensitive Poem shows how using a trip-hop beat could be used to describe poetic visions. Gastón Arévalo with Gourmet has a bossanova flavor with experimental offsprings here and there.

Paul Kaiser with The Taxi of Buenos Aires feels like one takes a late night taxi trip in a foreign city, still sleeping. Mystic Beauty with Madstyle is it targeting the inner beauty of the huge ecological system where we humans are just one of a billion entities. This same theme is explored by I-Rob and Birds Watching, a fine production resembling Community Border releases. Finally the episode closes with off the sky and gyges and the track Polaroidmanteaux, showcasing again how plug-in effects and digital editing with voices and sparse arrangement could indeed create a mystical and exploring soundscape.

BioWaves 006 Track Listing:

  1. Jock Dynamite- Mellow Tubs [Jock Dynamite Records]
  2. Fakin Hipi – Grafitti in Rovaniemi [Wazzotic Records]
  3. Audioglider – Crystalline [FOEM]
  4. Motionfield – The Document [Stadtgruen]
  5. Denoize – My Sk-1 Circuit Bend [Insectorama]
  6. John Cicada – A Repeated History [Cicadacom]
  7. Audiokonstrukte – Sensitive Poem [1-Bit Wonder]
  8. Gastón Arévalo – Gourmet [Thinner]
  9. Paul Kaiser – The Taxi of Buenos Aires [Pozitron Records]
  10. Madstyle – Mystic Beauty [Phonocake]
  11. I-Rob – Birds Watching [Claque Music]
  12. off the sky and gyges – Polaroidmanteaux [Thinner]

Download by right-clicking (Mac users, control-click) on this link.


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