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BioWaves 005

Posted on | November 3, 2007 | No Comments

BioWaves 005Episode five of the BioWaves podcast series is now now available – electronic film/dance music, beatnik poetry and drum machines, sliced piano music, and much more! Now the series is one hour long.

Click here to get info how to subscribe to the podcast series, and there’s more general information available at that page.

Feedback is always great – place blog comments below, or email me. Also, you could also refer to me pointers to netlabels, or you producers, send me emails with interesting music. And spread the word.

BioWaves 005 Track Listing:

  1. Tisserand – Eat That Reason [DCC Records]
  2. Mike Breitfeld – Lightwashcitynights [Broque]
  3. Shadi Megallaa – Day One [Igloo]
  4. Stratoliner – Smoke baby in a week [Stratospheric]
  5. The Sky Patrol – The Illusive Big Flower and Grass [Mmmmph]
  6. Osobu – Cayuco [Neovinyl]
  7. Elektrodrei – Dripping-Cave [Auflegware]
  8. Ol – Remont [Kreatur Musik]
  9. Brasswork Agency – Crushed & Shaken (Ambitronix Remix) [Plex Records]
  10. ItZone – Love Song [Sarosmini]
  11. Cryo – Don’t You Know [Stir]
  12. Leo.Root – Ghost (October Rust Remix) [WeLoveToEmerge]
  13. Nick Zero – De la cream [Zimmer Records]
  14. Paella Cocoa – 1st Track [YukiYaki]
  15. Box – Core [Experimedia]

Download by right-clicking (Mac users, control-click) on this link.


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