BioWaves 004

BioWaves 004Episode four of the BioWaves podcast series is now ready. This podcast series showcases excellent and fresh electronic music from net labels and non-label released material from producers. Click here to get info how to subscribe to the podcast series, and there’s more general information available at that page.

Feedback is highly appreciated – place comments below, or email me. Also, please send surprise emails about references to good net labels, or emails from producers with interesting music.

BioWaves 004 Track Listing:

  1. Jon Doe – Flat Out Boom Boom Babies [Pinksilver]
  2. Lega – Zi Don’t [Miniscule]
  3. Karri Ojanen – F2F [Stadtgruen]
  4. Nicolas Ovalle – Palpita Libertador [Exponencial Audio]
  5. Steve Haze – Ueber Den Wolken [Analogue Mind Control]
  6. Sascha Müller – Acid eats my brain [Ear Recordings]
  7. Running Women Idea – Baroque [Net-Lab]
  8. Roger M – Leaving the bid D (Outro) [Antiritmo]

Download by right-clicking (Mac users, control-click) on this link.


  1. Biggup to the Something/Anything Crew. Thanks for checking out Running Woman Idea and including it in your podcasts.

  2. Thanks! That reminds me to send a thank you email to all the contributors for this episode.

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