BioWaves 003

BioWaves 003Episode three of the BioWaves podcast series is now available. The idea is to present really excellent music from net labels and material from producers that have not yet been signed.

Click here to get info how to subscribe to the podcast series, and there’s more general information available at that page.

Feedback is highly appreciated – place comments below, or email me. Also, I like surprise emails about references to good net labels, or emails from producers with very interesting music.

BioWaves 003 Track Listing:

  1. Roger Mercader – Reach [Irdial]
  2. Max Cavalerra – Planets [Broque]
  3. Panùm – Gaguri (April Vallen Remix) [Microlabel]
  4. Thomas Elder aka Uomòz – OneOne [Shift]
  5. Phooka – No rabbit no hats [Microlabel]
  6. Tyler Smith – The Arrival [Plex Records]
  7. Outgate – Another Way [Incolumis]
  8. Frank Molder – Orbital Movement [1Bit Wonder]

Download by right-clicking (Mac users, control-click) on this link.


  1. thanks for the post- just want to let you know I listen and I like. Fell a little behind because my ipod usb cord broke, but now I got a new one and will check out #3 on the way to work tomorrow.

  2. Hi, thanks for letting me know, always cool to hear from a listener.

  3. Hi Kent — me too!

    I finally figured out this “podcast listening” technology and biowaves is the first things I’ve put into the Nano. Great for biking the hills of Santa Cruz to and from work!

    Thanks for the great mixes, and pointers to good music sites.

  4. Glad you liked it. More to follow, that’s why I’m up 1:30am just now :-). If you want more podcast music, electronica/minimalism/techno, I have here links to what I listen to:

  5. Hi there!
    Thanks for spinning “oneone” in your mix i like it so much!
    Cheers from italy

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