BioWaves 002

biowaves-002.jpgEpisode two of the new BioWaves podcast series is now available. The idea, as mentioned before, is to present really excellent music from net labels, as well as unsigned tracks from various producers.

Click here to get info how to subscribe to the podcast series, and there’s more general information available there.

Feedback highly appreciated so this podcast series could become better and better. Place comments below, or email me. Also, I like surprise emails about references to good net labels, or emails from producers with very interesting music.

BioWaves 002 Track Listing:

  1. Brandon Plank – Brandon Moves to Cali [DigiLog]
  2. ToyGUN – StrangeWays [EXPOSED Audio]
  3. Laura Palmer – Somewhere There [Insectorama]
  4. Flann – Keine Zeit (Sturmfrei extreem entspannt Remix) [Labil Recordings]
  5. J-Lab – Eastbound [After-Dinner]
  6. John Lagora – Stay Tune, Boy [Alquimia]
  7. Herve AK – Total Contrast [Indigo Magenta]
  8. Reii – Drops [Bump Foot]

Download by right-clicking (Mac users, control-click) on this link.

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