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Producer, guitar player, composer and maker of noise.


Kentstudioimage2Session musician, guitarist, composer, producer and arranger, Kent was born in Finland and got his basic training in classical piano at a young age. Then he found his main instrument the guitar in his teens after listening to Jimi Hendrix at the age of ten. It also didn’t help that he got inspired by Todd Rundgren –who played multiple instruments, recorded, wrote songs and produced — so he wanted to do the same. Another source of inspiration was listening to Radio Luxembourg (R&B) and Radio Caroline (progressive rock) on AM radio until the early morning hours.

Consequently, he played in various smaller and bigger bands in Finland doing guitar, keyboards and bass gigs. He did produce various tracks both in Finland and Stockholm Sweden where he did jobs programming sequencers and drum machines for local dance tracks, including a short stint as a DJ. Later he moved to Australia and sub-sequently to the San Francisco Bay area in the 1990s where he is current residing.

“I like composing with keyboards and have done jobs playing the bass, but the guitar is really my main instrument due to how expressive you could be with this instrument.”

Currently he is working as a session guitar player for various bands including the FlyteBoyz and Mike Branson as main guitar player. He has released many techno and tech house tracks using various artist names, as well as published various mixes and remixes.

“Yes, it sometimes looks confusing as I’m operating on a large scale of music projects, from classic rock to indie rock, to experimental, to R&B, funk and hip hop, to dance music, to even more experimental electronic music. But trust me, there’s a plan behind it all… or so I think.”

Kent plays Ernie Ball Music Man and Fender guitars and  uses Bogner  and Mesa Boogie guitar amplifiers.


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