Big Reverb Effect in Ableton Live

ableton_big_reverb.pngHere’s my recipe how to make one of those huge, long sounding reverbs that sometimes I think are over-used, but oh so nice and fun when placed in strange places in productions.

The main trick in my case is to put a ping-pong delay in front of the reverb effect. This way there’s plenty of bounce, and when it hits the reverb unit, those additional delays will increase the total amount of reverb, resulting in one of those bombshell reverb effects.

I’m also placing a hi pass filter (AUHighPass) after these two effects, as I don’t want to have too much low-end rumble in the final output.

I’m sure there are other combinations, as well, but this is one fun way to get that big reverb sound on cymbals and other hits.

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