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Beatles – Revolver

Posted on | December 20, 2009 | No Comments

revolverContinuing with artists/bands and albums that have influenced me, what would the list not be without a Beatles album. In my case, Beatles Revolver.

Taking back a step, my early childhood memories is to inherit a huge pile of 45 rpms from my father and his brother. I used to listen to those rock singles daily, that included many Beatles singles with songs from Revolver and other albums. Later, in my childhood naive approach to music, I started to test the vinyl, placed it on top of a hot stove, bent the singles and otherwise destroyed them. Oh well. That’s what five-year-old kids do.

Anyway, there are many reasons why Revolver for me is one of the penultimate Beatles records:

  • Fourteen songs, each different, the song styles covers a wide spectrum from happy singalong songs like Yellow Submarine to extreme psychedelic studio experiments (Tomorrow Never Knows). To pull off such an album with so many styles is just plain amazing.
  • This is for me the album where Beatles were transformed from a stage band to a recording studio set of musicians. Not only that, they pioneered the whole approach of pushing the limits inside the studio.
  • Anyone who wants to become some kind of songwriter should carefully study Beatles songs. This is a good album for such purpose. If you know these songs and understand the harmonic and melodic structures, you have a head start concerning writing songs — not to speak you might even make some good living doing it  if you studied Beatles and know how they crafted songs.

It’s one of my goals in this life to perform the whole set of Revolver songs, I have done parts. Solo it is easier, in a jam or otherwise ad hoc band setup the other artists need to know the songs. Some are easy, some have very complex arrangements.


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