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Be Different

Posted on | May 14, 2007 | No Comments

big_tree_down.jpgOK, here’s the first in a series of promotion/marketing posts.

Ok, just now we have a musical world where there’s so much music, commercial and non-commercial, so that consumers have a hard time finding new music and new artists.

Usually they end up purchasing the same old stuff they had before due to this huge platitude of choice.

But those old artists also had problems long time ago even when the amount of artists and bands were much smaller in scope.

So! Be different. If you sound different, have a new angle, new kind of music, it bubbles up automatically, due to the force of it being different. It’s that’s simple. If sound different and unique, it’s your best marketing tool, whether it’s a mix, a remix, new tracks, a new scene show, video editing, movies, art, writing blogs. Be lucky if you are different, just getting there is a lot of pain, and usually at the end you need a lot of courage to be different, too — as the pioneers usually have arrows in their back they also have first access to new land.

If there’s one thing I wanted this blog posting to elevate, it’s just to be different and unique. Start there with your promotion and marketing.

I might even add that in this new age of postmodernist reconstruction of content over and over again, so many computers and little talent, you have to be different in order to have a voice.

Next we will talk about all kinds of ways to be different, even commercially viable solutions.


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