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BBC Essential Mix Dedicated to Tony Wilson

Posted on | August 27, 2007 | No Comments

tony_wilson.pngSee this posting at filter27. Tony Wilson was one of those important movers and shakers in this electronic music business. His gutsy approach to release tracks and promote artists, as well as be influential in starting the big club scene in England is something to honor. There’s something amazing about people like Tony Wilson, who just did things to see what the outcome would really be.

The movie 24 Hour Party People was sometimes over the top, but it’s worth watching just to get the feeling of how things happened and the state of mind during that period.

I was listening to the dedication mix this morning, and it was indeed interesting to take a historical trip through the very early days of electronic dance music, and especially compare it with the material done today. Boy, I didn’t remember that the clap sound was so up-front mixed at that time period. Or that the influences between fast hip-hop and electro dance music cross-pollinated, mostly thanks to Artur Baker, another influential electronic music producer.

Anyway, I salute to the person who was influential in giving us Blue Monday, and much more.


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