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Bay Area Flight Trip

Posted on | October 6, 2008 | No Comments

Bay Area San Francisco, Milpitas Air ViewI took a flight trip with a friend of mine all the way from High School In Finland. He’s an avid private pilot, just now based in the Bay Area on a work assignment from his company and is flying most weekends. So I took a trip with him from Palo Alto to Napa. Usually it takes 1.5 hours with a car if there’s no traffic, we did the flight with a smaller plane in 35 minutes and that was with a non-direct flight path.

It was indeed fun seeing various places from 2000-3000 feet. Same with flying over the Golden Gate bridge 7pm when the sun just descended over the horizon.

I must say, I live  in a pretty beautiful place on this planet. Excluding all the cars and roads around here, of course.


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