Back in Cyberspace

view_from_cottage.jpgOK, finally I have a DSL line I could use every day, so I could access the web, update this blog, and so on. It was not so hard to survive without high bandwidth Internet for seven days, but it was tough, too.

Above is a view from the cottage where I’m staying here in Western Finland just now, for another eight days. Nice, or what. I will later upload an image of my portable studio setup inside the cottage.

Like a writer, I’m trying to maintain a pace of having a quota of work done each day, like three kind of tracks, or three kinds of mixes, each day. Usually something is done, but it’s not exactly what I expected. That’s the problem with quotas. But at least it feels like I’m getting something done on this vacation, that and reading through a big pile of books that’s been collecting back home… Anyway, more soon.

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