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Back from the AES Exhibition

Posted on | October 5, 2008 | No Comments

AES Conference San Francisco 2008It was interesting, somewhat more low-key than before. I got a new set of musician earplugs — good deal, $150 — as I lost mine some time ago and it felt good to get customized earplugs again. I saw Omnisphere in action, film scores using one finger (need to write about that later.) Just felt sad as they had to demo it on an HP Windows system running Pro Tools 8.0 beta or whatever, resulting in crashes now and then, thanks to HP who forced a lot of smaller booths to show their stuff on somewhat unstable hardware/software.

What else, the Grammy Panel about producers and the current music market was kind of OK, nothing earth shattering. I’ve heard this mantra told multiple times: there’s a market out there for producers and artists even if labels are dying, just work harder. It’s a simple and obvious message, not worth repeating at each panel.

The new Pro Tools 8.0 UI seemed like a rip-off from Logic, maybe those who have missed decent to good MIDI editing in Pro Tools will be happy. Not that they now have both elastic beat and pitch support, of which pitch is very good to have, going into the Ableton Live territory.

I learned a couple of new tricks about Izotope’z Ozone mastering tool set, it’s always good to talk to the product experts asking them about each setting and what each one is doing for the total sound. Izotope announced Ozone 4.0, early next year, mid-range editing capabilities  and so on, but I must say I didn’t really get the full picture of what is new so I will wait for the more complete information at their web site. It’s still worth upgrading such important plug-ins that play an important part in my specific daily work flow.

All together, OK show but I didn’t experience anything that will exactly change my plans for the next months or so. Maybe getting BFD for drums as I liked their velocity and midi randomization features.


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