Always Bounce

bouncing.pngI’m  just now in a situation juggling 30+ tracks, many with cryptic project names and different styles. In order to keep myself sane I’m always bouncing a sub-set of the Logic project into the Bounces folder. So when I hunt around trying to remember what a certain Logic project was all about, all I do is to play back the bounced entry in the Finder view to refresh my mind.

I use AAC 192kpbs as there’s no need to dump a whole uncompressed WAV or AIFF file. Also remember that if you do in Logic a range selection, that will be honored when you do the bounce. So it’s all very quick: I select a representation of the song as a selection, open the bounce menu, select AAC with my default values, bounce, job done.

Here’s an example of a quick bounce I did:  — anyway this is an MP3 file as I wanted to export samples of one of my odd/new directions, doing four-chord guitar music. Line6 PodFarm is fun fun fun.


  1. yes i do this too these days. it helps a lot especially if a new song doesn’t have a formal name yet. i also have a numbering code for unnamed songs like MRT-004, MRT-005 etc

  2. Looking at Logic/Logic Express – Is Express a good option or should we go for the full blown Logic. We’re using Ableton Live for our DAW right now.

  3. It really depends on usage. If you just want to do basic productions and songwriting, you could go far with Express. But if you want to do finishing touches such as using Space Designer and similar plug-ins, then Logic Studio is the way to go.

    And you could always upgrade later if you feel that something was missing.

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