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All Remixes, they are to be Created

Posted on | November 11, 2005 | No Comments

I had this three-month old remix project that I started, but never finished as I didn’t like the final cut. Anyway, last night 1am I took another listening, and took a crazy approach to just do everything differently concerning remixing.

Usually, there’s a certain pattern with longer DJ remixes, you build up the tempo from let’s say 120 up to 126 along a timeline of 50 minutes or so, and the style of the songs blend into each other, so the outcome is like this long ‘same’ song.

Anyway, hey, I like shift-stick cars rather than automatic cars. So the tempo is going up, but there are all kinds of dramatic changes in the drum styles along the remix. I also mixed in all kinds of funny effects, chopped parts inside out, used the Live plugins to stutter samples around, and just had fun.

Sometimes rules have to be broken. If everyone did same kind of remixes, the world would be a boring place. And how could each remix artist even be noticed, if they copycat the style others use?

I just need to clean up the parts and then the remix will be uploaded to the web site, this weekend.

Another issue was that I used for this mix MP3 files, mostly from beatport. Argh, the sound quality, even with 320kps MP3 files are not there, the biggest problem being the high level of compression that causes strange overtone distortion in the losssy version.. So from now I will only get WAV and FLAC files, that’s for sure.


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